AgainstMaps FAQ

How to play a custom map?

1. Download an achieved map from the site.

2. Unzip it to the CustomSongs folder in the game's directory folder, for example

3. Launch the map from the 'Custom maps' tab in the game. 

Note: if a map doesn't appear there, make sure that:
a) All files of the map needs to be extracted to a separate folder in the CustomSongs directory. 
b) The name of that folder should match the name of the .json file of the map you're trying to install.

1. Download the tool 'AGAINST Beatmap Editor'.
2. Follow the instructions here or inside the editor.  

1. Export your finished map from the editor.
2. Make sure that:
a) the file of the song/music is in the .ogg format, not .mp3
b) you put all your map files into a separate folder and then archieved the folder
c) the name of that folder matches the name of the .json file of your map
3. Upload it to this site after you have signed up.
4. Job's done!